Rules for super over in t20

There are plenty of rules in t20 international cricket. Among them, the most exciting one is super over. What is super over? This is required when both team end their score in same position. Exactly when the match is tied, it is required a super over to get a result,… Read more »

Only player who has taken 6 wickets twice in t20 internationals

There are plenty of games are being played around the cricket world. Everyday different types of record are building and are breaking in different corner of cricket world. Still there are few records, which are staying at the pick of the record book. Such an unique record is taking six… Read more »

First t20 international match history

Though t20 cricket match is familiar many years before in England but it takes until 2005 to be held first ever twenty20 international match where England could not participate rather the match took place between another two giant team in the cricket history Australia and New Zealand on 17th February… Read more »

Highest and lowest team score in ICC T20 internationals

Records are being created everyday around the world t20 international cricket. Since the first ever international t20 match which been played on 17th February 2005 between Australia and New Zealand, there are thousands of record made by the t20 playing countries. Today we are going to talk about the statistics… Read more »

Top Wicket Takers in all t20 World Cup

As much as t20 cricket gives opportunity to the batsmen to score with rocket speed, it also give opportunity to the bowler to take wickets quicker than other format of cricket. Since, batsmen run behind every ball of the game it helps bowler to take early wickets with rapid speed…. Read more »

Man of the Series of all t20 World Cup

2007: In the opening tournament of t20 world cup, there are few players had their tremendous form in their cricket career. Among all of them, Shahid Afridi is exceptional since he made his best performance ever and got it’s prize. Normally we know he is a hard-hitting batsman with great… Read more »